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Starting at the first conversation with you, we think it’s all about listening to what people find beautiful and then bending over backwards to bring it to life. If you aren’t sure where to start, might we suggest our galleries; take the time to click around and see what stands out to you. 



Flowers and weddings are a match made in heaven. Your arrangements should reflect your style, from cowboy casual to white-linen-chic. Here come the ideas!



Losing someone you love is incredibly difficult. Flowers and plants provide something tangible that communicates your feelings. Because really, you aren’t only sending flowers; it’s telling them that you care and that they are in your thoughts.


Prom & Formals

Corsages are the coolest. It’s one of the most creative moments on our calendar, something that we flourish in. Whether you saw it in a magazine or just have a sketch of an idea, let's combine creativity to make something unique!

Permanent Botanicals

Permanent Botanicals

This isn’t gramma's silk arrangement, hon. Faux flowers and greens have become a great way to soak in the blooms as long as you choose. We love when someone brings in a keepsake waiting to be transformed into an heirloom!

What's in Store

What's in Store

We said it before and will say it again: You gotta stop and visit the store. We stock small quantities of treasures because we don’t want you to have the same treats as the next guy. But that means that you need to act fast before it’s gone. Here are a few recent faves.

Greens & Greenhouse

Gardens & Greenhouse

In addition to our outdoor consulting services (yep, we do that, too), the spring and summer inventory of perennials and annuals is top drawer. We’re low-key famous for the Mother’s Day hanging pots, outdoor decor, and killer tomatoes. Before you jump on I-90, you better stop and see us first.

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ideas welcome

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Upcoming wedding? Refreshing the living room? Stop by or drop us a line.

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