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About Us

If you know the Burke area, you know about Jungle of Flowers. When the owners decided to sell, Kim Sutton Petersen jumped on the chance to move back to Burke and put her decades of experience into the store. Renamed Bouquets & Brushstrokes, she took on remodeling the space to an open-concept studio style. She’s proud of respecting the legacy of Jungle of Flowers — one of the previous owners is still designing with us — while expanding upon their success with more services and selections.


Our Services

Fresh Floral Arrangements

Special Occasion Floral

Full Service Greenhouse

Landscape Design Consulting

Gifts & Home Decor

Meet the Team

Kim Petersen

founder & idea generator

Kim is a consummate "what if" person. Never out of ideas, she considered taking over Jungle of Flowers for a few years. When she saw a Facebook post in 2020, including the comments from the owners that they were considering closing the doors, it was time to jump. She and her hubby had been low-key thinking of moving back to Burke for a while. When she woke up the next morning, she asked Matt, “What if we bought the flower shop?” and he responded with “Call them. If you don’t, I will.” We love that about Matt.


Interior designer, photographer, party planning, a helluva cook, cowgirl, jokester, and floral designer are just a few of Kim’s adjectives and job titles. While she had grand ideas of huge weddings with fabulous installations, it’s her funeral work that is really creating some special moments. “We’re such a tight community. When a family loses someone, there is a hole in the entire town. I’m blessed that we get to be a part of the healing process.” 

Kim Sutton Petersen

Dave Engelmeyer

designer & co-conspirator

Dave brings 40+ years of experience to the team, and is known across the area as one helluva floral designer.

Jess Tesch


Jess is a creative force. She transforms ideas into something incredible. One of her fave tasks is reimagining the store for each season.

Janelle Bartling


Janelle is one of those "I'll lend a hand" people, and she keeps us on the straight and narrow, day after day. She's the best.

Sara Grim


Sara's knowledge of local geneology is a valuable asset to her contributions. Oh, and she also just happens to be Kim's mom.

Contact Us

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